Super Memory Masterclass

An instructional program that imparts world-class learning techniques to students, empowering them to excel as Champion Students

According to a study by world experts, India will be known as the ‘YOUNGEST COUNTRY’ by the year 2025. This means, as a country, we hold a lot of potential and see promising generations in the decades to come.
We envision a scope of growth and emerging as world leaders. But is that how things are?
No!! We are all aware of how burdened and stressed our younger generation is today. And the result

• Students lack focus in their studies
• Weak recollection during exam
 • Easily distracted by games & social media

The surprising fact is educational institutions and parents expect students to memorize what is taught to them during the academic year. Students are not taught how to focus, memorize, and recall, yet expected to perform.

To address the huge gap of expectations and learning, we at Brain-Infinite have put together a unique, comprehensive & practical Memory development program that is an interactive and relaxing learning experience.

We created it in a way to lessen the burden of studies yet bringing out the best ways to memorize and recall. A less stressed generation can thus be open to other developmental interests.

What you’ll Learn

  • United Method- This is a world class technique that will help the students to scientifically memorise the data with a lot of ease & fun. 
  • Journey Method- One of the most powerful memorization techniques that will help students to store data in their long term memory. 
  • Brain Gym- It helps students to enhance their learning speed, focus & encourages whole brain development through Brain Exercises. 
  • Vocab Builder-This Technique will help the students to build a strong vocabulary of any language & improve their communication skills. 
  • Memory Diet- A diet system that takes care of Nutrients that helps enhancing Memory. 
  • Creative Substitution- Includes how to visualize and substitute creatively. 
  • PDS-Designing success plan for all the students & inspiring them through scientific goal setting techniques to achieve their study goals. 
  • Scientific Revision Model-5 Step Model of doing revision the right way which will help the students to build strong memory muscles for a super recall during examination. 
  • Musical Windows-Includes how to memorize Numeric Data. Eg- Historical Dates, Phone no., Periodic table, Sections etc. 
  • Spell Hero- The methods to remember spellings accurately & avoid making spelling mistakes for language proficiency. 
  • Concentration Builder-Scientific approach on how to Improve the Focus on Studies and stay away from distractions. 
  • Auto Suggestions-The most important technique that will help the Students to build confidence and self belief. 

What Students will achieve from this program

  • Students will have ease in memorizing and develop interest in studies 
  • Study more in less time 
  • Improve their Memory by 300% 
  • Score more in Exams 

Course Summary

Super Memory Masterclass empowers students to break free from memory struggles like poor focus, exam anxiety, distractions and help them achieve academic excellence. Supercharge students studies with science-backed techniques in Super Memory Masterclass which will helps students to study effectively with ease. The Super Memory Masterclass is an instructional program that imparts world-class learning techniques to students, empowering them to excel as Champion Students. In a realm where everybody expects you to study and engage in academic pursuits, we specialize in imparting the skill of "How To Study."

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