Train The Trainer

This program equips you to become a Certified Memory Trainer with a powerful online presence.

Have you been thinking of alternate career opportunities or business opportunities as an Emerging Memory Trainer? Our Certified Memory Trainer program is structured in a way that you can learn and start taking your own training sessions. At the outset, this program is a train the trainer concept and we are getting you three different certifications under one program for a holistic service offering.

We also engage you in self-mastery techniques at delivering your trainings as well as working on your sales and promotions funnel by creating a digital presence as well as creating the right course and marketing content. Finally, we also work on honing your public speaking expertise for you to deliver trainings effortlessly.

We prepare you thoroughly with live sessions and workshops for a hands-on experience. This program not only helps you obtain Memory certifications, but also lets you make a promising start towards offering your service as a Memory Trainer.

•12 Scientific Memory Techniques
•Disciplines of National Memory Championships
•Advanced Musical Windows
•Public Speaking
•Emotional Freedom Techniques
•Speed Reading
•Calendar Techniques
•Sales Training
•Session On Habits Mastery
•Session On Zoom & Facebook
•Content Creation
•Test- Musical Windows
•Test- Your Live Introductory Session

What you will achieve from this program

  • Identity as a Certified Memory Trainer 
  • Start Earning Handsome amounts by taking Memory Sessions for Students, corporate 

Course Summary

This program equips you to become a Certified Memory Trainer with a powerful online presence. Learn 15 skills like advanced memory techniques, public speaking, calendar hacks, and compete in 10 National Memory Championship disciplines. Master 12 scientific techniques, hone your digital reach, and become a triple-certified trainer: Musical Window Practitioner, Trainer, and Certified Memory Trainer. Build your expertise in public speaking, sales, speed reading, and more. Be ready to train others and unlock their memory potential!

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